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United Arab Emirates ,Sharjah

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About Us

Our Goals

Our Strategy


Ultimately we must continue to develop as a business and grow faster than the market – but this growth must always add value for our customers and consumers. In order to achieve this, we are constantly looking at ways of strengthening our position as a trusted partner, through our own people and the benefit we can add.

Who We Are

Commited to Giving you True Value.

AL MARWAH was founded in the year 1998, and it was able to combine between the most important components of fame. which are the skilful technician hands. and the commitment in the international specifications and measurements for Manufacturing the products of fibre Glass and plastic tanks, and the honesty in carrying out the work according to pre-arranged dates, above all, the company can carryout any work or project inside or outside the U A E.

AL MARWAH use of the best industrial materials in its productive process enables it to give the wanted guarantee and for many years, the thing which many companies could not do till now.


Our Mission

Our values are the core beliefs that shape the decisions we make as a business. They are intrinsic to how we deliver solutions for customers, shape our culture and reflect what drives us as a business. In essence, uniting us in what we stand for as individuals and as a company. Whilst our business must be flexible and grow to adapt to the outside world, our values remain constant.

Our Value